About Us

Our paths crossed and it was no coincidence.

Shikha and I met two years ago. We both volunteered in an ashram teaching Yoga in the Netherlands. Myself, Stephanie from England and Shikha from India. We both shared our passion for healing our selves and others. Within a week Shikha had given me my first hypnotherapy session. Suffering from bulimia I instantly felt a shift, I started my healing. This time, for real. Within two weeks I knew that this was the women I wanted to do retreats with. Shortly after, I studied Hypnotherapy in India under the guidance of Shikha.

I knew the time would come when I was mentally ready to hold retreats I just had to go through my own healing first. Two years later, a lot of tears, therapy, yoga, and transformation I am ready to share my story on how I moved on from bulimia and depression through hypnosis and Yoga.

I asked Shikha to be my Therapist for guided heart retreats because I simply trust her with my mind, my thoughts and everything in between. Our mission is to only help and guide others to the freedom that they deserve. We have both been through the process of therapy. We know how you feel, whether your issue is stress, eating, depression or just feeling lost. The funny things is, you have all the answers. We just facilitate you to get them.


Founder, Yoga Teacher, Massage and Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga teacher and Reiki Practitioner

Stephanie studied 3 years as Massage and holistic therapist she then traveled the world as a therapist acquiring skills from Chinese acupuncturists and physiotherapists. When her journey led her to Yoga, her whole mind and body transformed. Struggling with her own emotional well being she turned for help to recover from depression and Bulimia.

The road was long and hard, and she knew that the retreats that she always dreamed of holding would only happen when she learned to let go of old habits and started her own journey of inner healing. Hypnotherapy, Yoga, and meditation became the basis of her life. Now she focuses on teaching others to heal and advocating that asking for help, is brave and an essential part of growth. She lives between Bali and Sri Lanka holding retreats to help guide others to their own healing path.

She is now, also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, age, and past life regression Therapist. Reiki healer and Hatha, Vinyasa and Ying Yoga teacher aligned with Yoga Alliance.

Shikha Sud is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trans-Personal Regression Therapist, Reiki Level Two Therapist and a Yoga Alliance International and International Yoga Association Certified Hatha Yoga, Transformational Yoga, and Yin Yoga Teacher.

After spending almost 15 years in advertising, Shikha quit her job as an AVP and Senior Creative Director and decided to follow her passion to make a positive difference in human lives rather than transforming consumer brands.

Shikha has been facilitating people to understand the potential of their own mind –  empowering them to heal their own lives.

Some of the key issues she has facilitated her clients resolve include Depression, Anger Management, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Shoulder Pain, Smoking, Chronic Constipation, Blackouts,  Breaking Relationship Patterns, Inner Child Healing, Irritated Bowel Syndrome to name just a few.