Your Transformation


Studying traditional Hatha yoga, the root of all yoga is to learn and understand your mind and body. Connect to your breath you will start to connect with your higher self. “I believe we hold a lot of emotions in the body that’s why we have tension and pain.” An awakening Vinyasa Flow in the morning will awaken your body and mind. Using breath work, deep openings by holding postures for up to 2 minutes will leave you understanding your body’s physical and emotional pain. Watch your body and mind transform over the week with two daily classes.

“My classes are designed to move your body in a traditional yet unique flowing movement, so you feel every muscle, tissue, and cell of your entire body. I will teach you to be strong, yet soft. How to hold and how to let go. Moving with your breath, you will be totally relaxed and calm. The long holds will release tension and emotions. Letting go and allowing your self to surrender in a safe place with the right intention will take you to exactly where you need to be, right here, right now.”


Each meditation will be guided visualization so you can understand how your thoughts form and can sometimes keep you stuck. You will learn how to calm and still your mind so that you can remain calm, peaceful and effective whenever stress factors arise. Silence is the most important and powerful tool because the silence talks to us. Focus on your thoughts and learn how to stop the monkey mind from controlling you.

Massage & Riki

Deep tissue Massage will release stuck energy and pain in the body. Steph has over 9 years in Massage and has healed hundreds of peoples aching muscles and stagnant pain. A 45 minute session with her, will change your entire body. Guaranteed! Reiki is Energy healing, a powerful and ancient technique to heal physical and emotional pain. Each person has a totally different experience. Some feel intense emotions, physical sensations and some are left totally relaxed, left floating above their body.

Become Happy and Free

Uplift Your Soul, Body and Mind


Imagine having therapy at a level of pure relaxation, you are so light and comfortable and charge of yourself that you can deal with any situation or challenge in your life. Everything you see and feel will change your life and you will be able to grow and transform almost instantly. This therapy will go to the root cause of your challenge releasing stuck emotions, safely and naturally. For stress, depression, eating disorders, feeling stuck, trauma, relationships, any many many more challenges we all face.

Shikha is the most inspiring, non-judgmental and caring Therapist I have ever met. Shikha changed my whole life with Hypnotherapy about 2 years ago. She inspired me so much that I then when to India and studied Hypnotherapy. She is so caring, yet she will test you and your beliefs and will not allow you to leave a session without feeling whole and complete.

Will hypnotherapy work for you and what can it heal?

Yes, hypnotherapy can help everyone on their path to inner healing. Hypnotherapy can take you right to the root cause of your life challenges. It is a safe and natural way to release inner emotions. Your Therapists Shikha and Stephanie have both been through therapies and know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Most leave the sessions feeling lighter and much more connected to themselves. Seminars will be held on the first day so you will have a deeper understanding before you start.

The Right Food

Fueling your body is a vital part as you will be mentally and physically challenged every day. I feel it is important to respect our food, mother earth, and animals. Plant-based food will detox and rid you from toxins. No caffeine, alcohol or unnatural sugar in our food. The Meals will be light and everything you need to heal. Our amazing chef Jan, will make sure you are happy and content with every meal. You are what you eat!

Villa Sri Lanka

Oceanview Suite


30 m²

Luxurious double room on own floor with about 36m² living area including a private terrace with hammock and fantastic sea view.

Swimming Pool Private Bathroom King Beds Sea View FULL INFO

Villa Sri Lanka

Double Room


20 m²

Spacious room on about 20 m² area equipped with 2 comfortable and large single beds.

Swimming Pool Private Bathroom FULL INFO

Villa Sri Lanka

Shared Room 3


27 m²

Spacious room on about 27 m² area with 3 comfortable and large single beds equipped is designed to connect our guests with each other.

Swimming Pool FULL INFO

Villa Sri Lanka

Shared Room 4


34 m²

Spacious loft room for up to 4 people on approximately 34 m² with large and comfortable single beds and direct excess to the ocean view veranda.

Swimming Pool FULL INFO